Making the Best of a Week in Carson Pass, CA

It was as trip we didn’t really want. A use it or lose it timeshare situation that resulted in a week in a very basic ski resort in a very remote location in the Sierras.

How remote is it? It is an hour drive for anything other than skiing, hiking or fishing. Heck, there are no grocery stores, only one gas station and one C-store and one restaurant within 20 miles!

How basic is the timeshare? It was a small studio with a Murphy bed. A combination of hot, long and direct afternoon sun, combined with zero cross-breeze required three days to bring the temperature down. Nor were all of the normal services yet available.

How did we get into this situation? That would be a subject for a whole other post.

Our challenge was to make the most of this rather tenuous situation. We found things to do on the way to and in the area of the timeshare and prioritized and organized then in a way to maximize opportunities. We had two good days in Tahoe, two in Sierra Wine Country, hiked around Carson and explored restaurants in each of these locations, and in Sacramento (on the way to and from San Francisco).

The details follow in forthcoming posts.

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