Best of our Willamette Valley Winery Experiences

We enjoyed (and typically bought) one or two wines from the vast majority of Willamette Valley wineries we visited. In other words. We bought a lot of wine!

A number of wineries, however, four stood out: Wineries were we enjoyed virtually every wine we tasted. Among this rare breed were:

  • The Four Graces. This winery, which we had heard of, but had never tasted, turned out to be one of the absolute favorites of our five days of Pinot tasting. We enjoyed the 2012 Willamette Valley blend, loved the 2012 Dundee Hills Reserve and were bowled over by the bold 2012 Yamhill Carlton, with its dark fruit soft tannins and subtle spices. And at $45, it was also one of the best bargains in the valley. We shall return!
  • Le Cadeau. And speaking of winners, we found another at a winery that we had wanted to try, but had not had a chance. What a wonderful line up of elegant Pinots. Among our favorites were the: 2011 Aubichon Vista Hills Pinot Gris, the 2011 Aubichon Willamette Valley Pinot, the 2010 Rocheaux Pinot and both the 2011 and 2012 Equinoxe Pinots. In other words, just about everything we tasted.
  • Archery Summit. We ended up with a case during our previous visit. And despite some warnings that the winery had lost ifs step, our only regret is that we had to limit ourselves to a single case. So, we settled on a combination of the 2012 Vireton Pinot Gris, the 2011 and 2012 Looney Vineyard Ribbon Ridge Pinots and the 2012 Premier CuvĂ©e.
  • Willakenzie. Another of our sweepstakes winners, where we enjoyed (and bought) virtually every Pinot we tasted. These were the 2012 Gisele and 2011 Jory Hills. vineyard, both of which we enjoyed and expected to buy before we tasted three others; the 2011 Kiana, Pierre Leon and especially the premium Triple Black Slopes.

Then, there was another winery, Patricuia Green, where we tasted so many wine (from both their current bottlings and from barrels of not-yet bottled wines) that we enjoyed so many that it deserves an honorable mention;

  • Patricia Green, which combined15-20 tastings of not yet-released barrel samples (of which the sell futures) and current releases. We were so impressed that we bought some of each. These included futures of the 2013 Dundee Hills Balcombe Vineyard Block 18, Chehalem Mountain Olenik Vineyard Wadensvil Block, Eola-Amity Hills Freedom Hill Vineyard Pommard Clone Block and Freedom Hill Vineyard Coury Clone Block and current releases of the 2012 Dundee Hills Durante Vineyard Madrone Block, the Eola-Amity Hills Freedom Hill Pommard clone the flagship multi-vineyard Notorious.

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