Cheung Chau Island

As we had some extra time in  Hong Kong, we decided to take a short, one-half hour ferry ride to this surprisingly (at least to us) populous island that is 10 km southwest of Hong Kong.  It was a beautiful sunny day, not too hot and not too cold. Perfect for island-tripping.

Although it is a very small island, Cheung Chau has a quaint main street (Pak She Praya Road) lined with a large number of outdoor seafood restaurants.


After scouring menus, we chose to eat at Delicious Seafood Restaurant (yes, that is their name) for lunch. We had a harbor-side table where we watched local fisherman take cell phone restaurant orders for fish, pull them out of tanks, scale them (while the fish were still alive and flapping), and then, finally de-heading and gutting them before running them up to the restaurant for cooking.


We ordered two dishes. We began with the island specialty of stir-fried crab in shrimp sauce (very good) followed by six abalone, steamed in their shells with soy sauce and seasoned orange peal. Another wonderful dish that, if we could ever find at home would have cost us at least four-to-five times the $15 price tag.

We also intended to walk the southern beach trail and walk to view the shoreline, the forests and the mansions. But it was a bit to far for the few hours we had to spend. So we decided, as a consolation, to do the northern lookout point. The only problem was that the “walkways” are narrow, twisted alleys.  After three attempts at following the posted signs, and reaching dead ends each time, we gave up on that too.  But we were able to find the charming Pak Tai Temple with its red roofs and beautiful carvings.

Worth the trip for the food alone, not to speak of the scenery from the ferry. We just wish we could have gotten to the south shore.


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