Sedona Area Restaurants

Sedona Arizona is one of the most beautiful areas of the country. Although it is particularly famed for red rock cliffs, buttes and eerie formations, there is much more to Sedona than staring at the views and hiking the areas numerous trails. The area is loaded with historic sites, art galleries and, even wineries. And don’t forget the restaurants.

While this article focuses on some of the Sedona Area Restaurants at which we ate, other articles in this series looks at:

  • Sedona Area hikes and natural sights
  • Sedona Area Historical Sites;
  • Sedona Area Art Galleries; and
  • Sedona Area Wineries.

Sedona Area Restaurants

Most of our meals were casual, which is pretty much the only way to eat in Sedona. We enjoyed a lunch at Ken’s Creekside, with a very good crab cake and Ahi burger. Another great lunch, this time right on the bank of the creek, at L’Auberge Restaurant on Oak Creek. Then, our day trip to Jerome, a stop at Bobby T’s BBQ Pit for a rack of ribs, with sides of onion rings, baked beans and cornbread.

Restaurant dinners were limited to four:

View 180 Lounge at the Enchantment Resort. The evening we arrived, we asked for recommendations of good, casual, small plate restaurants with great views. We were transfixed by the incredible, close-up, head-on view of the Guardians red rock formation. We also enjoyed the food and conversations with some of our neighbors. We ended up splitting two small plates: guacamole with chips and a prosciutto flatbread with figs, marscapone and arugula. Service was satisfactory. We were, however, disappointed with two of the special Margaritas, neither of which were to taste. Still, the food and the view more than made up for the minor disappointments,

Elote Cafe, the perpetually packed Mexican restaurant, is as authentic as I have been to in the U.S. we started wit the restaurant’s namesake dish, Elote; fire-roasted corn kernels in a mildly spicy mayo, lime and cotija cheese (very good). This was followed by a seafood taco appetizer with ancho-glazed snapper, salmon and shrimp, and sockeye salmon with mole verde and an interesting cauliflower purée. Our final lunch was at the Cowboy Club Steakhouse. We couldn’t resist starting with the deep-fried rattlesnake bites (yes, they do taste like chicken), then the buffalo chili and a bison burger.

Che-Ah-Chi at the Enchantment Resort. This was our fine dining experience of the trip. And it was fine. We enjoyed what we consider the best seat in the house) or technically, out of the house), outside with both of us having head-on views of the Guardians formation. We split two dishes, a seared foie gras (accompanied by glasses of a late harvest, botrytisized riesling) and the huge, delicious, melt-in-your-mouth buffalo tenderloin and braised cabbage (with a bottle of merlot). The service was great and since the restaurant was not especially busy, we enjoyed interesting conversations with the sommelier and our knowledgeable server. And then the were the views!0

Heartline Cafe was our only real disappointment. Our pistachio-crusted chicken and even the house specialty, pecan-crusted trout, were overlooked and tasteless.


Sedona Highlights

Enchantment Resort is a gem. On our first evening, we asked for a restaurant where we could get a very good, very light meal, with a stunning view. We were referred to Enchantment, with its three restaurants, all about a hundred yards away from the imposing “The Guardian” red rock formation). We jumped at the chance, since we were also anxious to look at the resort’s Che-Ah-Chi restaurant, which we had already highlighted as one of restaurants we planned to visit.

We ended up having a nice casual, first evening dinner at the View 180 Lounge (see above), a post-hike drink at lounge, and then a last night dinner at the wonderful Che-Ah-Chi (see above).

L’Auberge de Sedona. This high-end Sedona resort, with its Restaurant on Oak Creek, has many charms. Although we only had lunch, the creekside site is scenic and tranquil, the food good and the service helpful. Infant,even though we weren’t staying at L’Auberge, the concierge was extremely helpful, recommending hikes, restaurants and sights that we had not yet seen. We look forward to spending more time (especially eating dinner) here on our next visit.

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