Sedona Area Art Galleries

Sedona Arizona is one of the most beautiful areas of the country. Although it is particularly famed for red rock cliffs, buttes and eerie formations, there is much more to Sedona than staring at the views and hiking the areas numerous trails. The area is loaded with historic sites, art galleries and, even wineries. And don’t forget the restaurants.

While this article focuses on the area’s art galleries, other articles in this series looks at:

  • Sedona Area Hike and Natural Sights
  • Sedona Area Historical Sites;
  • Sedona Area Restaurants;
  • Sedona Area Art Galleries; and
  • Sedona Area Wineries.


Sedona Art

The town is s thudded with art galleries. It is, in fact, claimed that Sedona has more galleries per capita than any small city in the country, with the exception of Santa Fe. Most of the most interesting galleries are sited in three complexes.

  • Hillside Shops, virtually across the street from Tlaquepaque, has a number of nice highland galleries;
  • Shops at Piñon Pointe, another high-end mall is at the entry of Uptown Sedona. While the shops do have some nice galleries, the rest of the uptown strip is, at least to our taste, a wasteland of souvenir shops and tour offices. But while the shops are nothing special, just look between and above them for views of the magnificent scenery.
  • Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village is the highlight of the city’s art scene. It is a beautifully landscaped complex, designed after a Mexican Village, that is built around a series of courtyards. It has stucco walls, huge carved wooden doors, cobble-stoned walkways. flowers, majestic trees and fountains. And lest I forget, it has about 40 shops, four restaurants  and more than a dozen galleries, representing many different types of art.

Art Center BldgArt Center doors-gArt Center tilesArt Center fountain (3)

But, if Sedona hits the top ten gallery list for small cities, the tiny town of Jerome must be off the charts, with 30 galleries and studios in a town of 500.

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