A Passion for Travel

Tom and Joyce seem to have been born to travel. Although neither of us experienced much of it as children, we started from the moment we finished graduate school. We selected each of the four cities in which we have lived (Chicago, D.C., Boston and San Francisco) for lifestyle first and then sought out satisfying jobs. Each time we left one city, we spend 1-2 years traveling, before picking a new city. As much as we love San Francisco, we plan to leave (at least after the America’s Cup races) and spend a few months living in a number of our favorite cities (primary candidates include Sydney, Paris, London, Shanghai and Seattle) and using these cities as bases for additional trips.

We have, so far, traveled to 47 of the 50 states and more than 60 countries and frequently return to many of our favorite regions and cities. We have visited five continents and been to countries as diverse as Luxembourg, Cambodia, New Zealand and Zimbabwe. We have walked the Great Wall, biked though Tuscany, crawled through Vietnam’s Cu Chi Tunnels, dove in Belize’s Blue Hole and Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, descended into Egyptian Tombs and have been woken by the snoring of a baby elephant sleeping outside our safari tent in Africa.

Now that we are semi-retired, we are greatly accelerating our pace of travel, exploration and search for new experiences. We have not, for example, yet been to Carnival in Rio (a gap that will be addressed in 2012), the Palio in Siena or the running of the bulls in Pamplona. We have not yet seen the Northern Lights. Nor have we been to Antarctica, Mongolia, Finland, Indonesia nor Palau—all of which we plan to rectify.

We also often revisit (and some cases plan to spend months living in) many of our favorite places. At least one—most notably China (which we plan to revisit in 2013)—is changing so rapidly as to be a totally new country since our previous visit in 2000.

True, there is no way to relive some travel experiences, such as your initial disorientation of landing in your first foreign country, watching the Berlin Wall being torn down, your first safari or your first ride from the Mumbai airport into the city. Or even the experience of being taken in an ingenious travel scam. There are however, hundreds of other travel experiences—both planned and unplanned—that we plan to experience over the next decade.

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