A Passion for the San Francisco Bay Area

Lombard Street, San Francisco

Tom and Joyce love exploring, finding interesting restaurants, touring wine regions, hiking, and going to theater, museums, and lectures wherever we travel. The San Francisco (SF) Bay Area is particularly blessed with opportunities in each of these—and many other—ways.

SF has fascinating neighborhoods, some of the best and most interesting restaurants in the country, wonderfully diverse and well-preserved neighborhoods, a wide range of scenery and opportunities to enjoy nature, and extensive cultural and educational opportunities. One can literally spend a day exploring the Ferry Building food markets and walking, biking, and hiking around the Golden Gate Bridge. San Francisco has an ongoing flood of new restaurant offerings, new museum and galley exhibits, and all types of walking tours. The city is also ringed by all types of fascinating towns (Berkeley, Palo Alto, Sonoma), cultural and learning opportunities (like the Computer History Museum and NASA Ames Research Center), and destinations (Monterey/Carmel, Big Sur, Mendocino, Lake Tahoe, Yosemite). And don’t even get us started on wine country.
Our mission is to find, explore, and experience the newest, best, and most interesting of everything the Bay Area has to offer. And, just as when we travel, we try to pack as many experiences into as little time as possible. As a result, we craft itineraries around virtually everything we do. This section of the blog shares what we have learned and continues to learn about the Best of the Bay Area.

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