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    Amsterdam’s History

    Amsterdam is Netherlands’ capital. It is also a favorite tourist destination with its iconic canals. While there are many beautiful sights and things to do, it is helpful to understand Amsterdam’s history. If you don’t like history, skip directly to our other Amsterdam blogs.

    Amsterdam’s Start

    Amsterdam began as a small fishing village in [Read more …]

    Delft Netherlands

    Delft Explosion

    It was a typical peaceful October day in a typical Middle Age town. The weavers, the blacksmiths, the merchants, and the brewers were all going about their business inside the Delft city walls. The farmers were tending their crops and their cattle outside. Then came the explosion. An accidental spark set off a [Read more …]

    The Hague

    The Hague is The Netherlands’ less than a fascinating city, at least for us. We visited The Netherland’s third-largest city and national capital primarily for one art museum—the Mauritius—and its proximity to two cities for a day trip, Delft and Rotterdam. Still, we explored some of its highlights on a raining afternoon and had some [Read more …]