Turin Italy

Turin - Basilica di superga 01

When in Northern Italy, why not stop in Turin (Torino in Italian). Our first stop right outside the city was at the Basilica di Superga, for a very quick visit to this beautiful, 18th-century Baroque masterpiece on a hill overlooking Turin. The façade of the yellow and white structure was overwhelmed by huge, Classical temple-like [Read more …]

Lake Maggiore Italy

Arona bronze statue of St. Charles Borromeo

Lake Maggiore is the second largest of Italy’s lakes (after Lake Garda, and just before Lake Como), The lake is at the border of Switzerland and the Swiss Alps, at its northern part and with Piemonte at its south. The hillsides, relatively gentle in the south and steep in the north are filled with vegetation [Read more …]

Lake Como Italy Part 2


Tremezzo Italy Lake Como is so beautiful and peaceful. Tremezzo is one beautiful area, located on the west side of Lake Como. Like many other towns on Lake Como, it is easily accessible by ferry boats. Tremezzo is known primarily for one highlight: Villa Carlotta Villa Carlotta is a beautiful, three-story, 18th-century summer home built [Read more …]

Lake Como Italy

Bellagio lake front

Lake Como Region Lake Como is a beautiful, tranquil glacial mountain lake in the foothills of the Alps (northern Italy) that is shaped like wishbone. It is a beautiful place to recharge. We drove up the west side of the eastern leg of the lake, from the industrial city of Lecco to the beautiful resort [Read more …]

Milan Beyond the Highlights

Milan Emanuel entrance

While in Milan Italy, we spend most of our time at The Last Supper and the Duomo. But we also spent some time exploring the central city and at least exploring the exterior of some of its other primary sights. These include: Piazza dei Duomo, which serves as the unofficial center of town, is surrounded [Read more …]

Milan Italy

Santa Maria delle Grazie

Milan Italy is known for fashion, for opera (especially in the form of the La Scala opera theater) and as the business center of Europe. It is not especially regarded for its beauty, its cuisine or as a tourist destination. It is, however, home to at least two truly world-class attractions (in addition to performances [Read more …]

International Pinot Noir Celebration, Willamette Valley

2018-07-27 10.30.52

For Pinot Noir fans, there is no better event then the International Pinot Noir Celebration or IPNC. IPNC is an annual celebration that is probably the premier global pinot-focused event in the city. Although roughly 60 percent of the hundreds of participating vendors in 2018 were from Oregon, it also has a number of representative [Read more …]

Sibiu Romania

Sibiu Museum of Natural History Brukenthal

Sibiu Romania Sibiu Romania is a town founded in the late 12th century by Saxon settlers, It has a wall built atop fortifications initially constructed in 1241 to protect the town from Tartar attacks. The town grew into prosperous commercial, crafts and eventually glass blowing center. In fact, as evidenced by its Guild House and [Read more …]

Cluj-Napoca Romania

Cluj City Hall

Cluj-Napoca Cluj-Napoca is Romania’s largest city. It began life as a Roman colony which was abandoned. It was resettled in the Middle Ages by German, Saxon craftsmen and merchants whom the Hungarians (who then controlled the town) recruited to expand trade and improve fortifications in the area. Although it traded hands many times in [Read more …]

Fagaras Romania


Fagaras Castle Fagaras Castle was the 13th-century home of a group of Teutonic knights. One of the strongest fortresses in Transylvania, the three-story, five-tower stronghold oversaw and provided protection for the people of the frequently sieged town. Surrounded by a roughly 50 foot-wide, six foot-deep moat (that could be tripled in size in preparation for [Read more …]