Athens Restaurants and Hotel

Athens Restaurants and Greek Food As Athens was our first stop in Greece, we were looking forward to eating some nice Greek food. We had fond memories of the Greek food when we lived in Chicago: gyros, saganaki, grape leaves, spikoza, etc. Little did we realize the the food we though was Greek was not [Read more …]

Valletta Restarants and Hotel

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Malta Valletta Restaurants While we were staying in Valletta Malta, our hotel made some very good recommendations for eating. And we also discovered a few on our own. Sciassa Grill is an excellent spot for meat. You are welcomed to the restaurant with a personalized discussion of the blackboard that lists daily appetizer options. Then [Read more …]

Taormina Sicily Italy


Taormina is a resort town perched on a mountainside that is about 660 feet above the rocky beach that draws many of its tourists. The town itself consists primarily of one, long, narrow pedestrian street that is lined with tourist shops, restaurants and gelaterias. It has three premier sites: Teatro Greco, remnants of a 2,300 [Read more …]

Catania Sicily Italy


Catania is largely an industrial and shipping city. Like most of the other southeast Sicilian towns, it has suffered more than its share of devastation; certainly from the huge (7.4) 1693 earthquake that destroyed many cities in the area, but especially from numerous Mount Etna eruptions. Also like its neighbors, it has come back, most [Read more …]

Syracusa Italy

Archeological Park - Greek Theater 01`

Syracuse, Syracusa, Siracusa are just a few of the spellings we have seen of this ancient, 2,800 year-old city that was one of the largest (home to 300,000 people) and most prosperous Greek cities five centuries before the birth of Christ. Home to famous dictators (such as Dionysius), philosophers (including Plato until Dionysius exiled him [Read more …]

Noto Sicily


Noto is another Sicilian town in Italy that was destroyed by the huge (7.4) 1693 earthquake, which was the most powerful in Italian history and destroyed many cities. It is the showcase for Baroque of Val d Noto architecture. For a relatively small city, it has been graced with a number of beautiful buildings, as [Read more …]

Agrigento and Valley of the Temples

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Agrigento Our interest in going to Agrigento was primarily because it was close to the Valley of the Temples. The old town of this moderately-sized, southern Sicilian city has some interesting medieval streets and 13th century churches such as its Duomo, Santo Spirito and Santa Maria del Greci (the later of which was built on [Read more …]

Monreale Sicily

Duomo 02

Monreale is essentially a suburb of Palermo that is set on a hill with a lovely view of the city and the surrounding valley. While it is itself a lovely town, it is also the site of one of the area’s largest, grandstand most important cathedrals and a hugely popular tourist site. Monreale’s Cattedrale di [Read more …]

Naples: Pizza and More

Castle dell

Naples (or more properly, Napoli) is the home of pizza and the place in which the quintessential Margherita pizza was created (named after the Queen). Although the city is congested, graffiti-scarred and somewhat dirty, it does have more than pizza going for it. Our independent exploration of the city began along the southern shoreline, where [Read more …]

Koror Island in Palau Micronesia

The island of Palau is the coral capital of Micronesia. The island’s lagoon and its ledges are known particularly for the drift diving and the pelagic fish of its famed Blue Hole and its Blue Corner wall dive. This being said, many of the island’s scenic coral gardens and colorful, tropical reef fish are also [Read more …]